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If you are a nationally registered paramedic or emergency medical technician, you may apply for a position. LifeNet offers a competitive compensation package, including a possible relocation bonus, and a wonderful place to live and work.

Responding to over 61,000 calls per year, LifeNet’s ambulance operations in Northeast Texas, Southwest Arkansas, and Central Oklahoma offer employees a wide variety of calls and opportunities. With all ALS trucks, 911 response is a priority for all units on duty. The population, geography, and demographics result in a wide variety of interesting calls – From MVA’s to medical calls, from working a water rescue to a rescue at a theme park. LifeNet offers EMTs an opportunity to work some very high acuity calls, but also to take it easy when the system slows down.

Cost of Living

(% Lower than U.S. Average)
Texarkana Metro Area18.60%
Hot Springs, AR13.30%
Malvern, AR13.50%
Hot Springs Village, AR2.70%
Stillwater Metro Area15.30%


Depending on the division, LifeNet offers 24 hour, 12 hour, 11 hour and 9 hour shifts. You can bid for the schedule that works for you. Shift bidding happens as needed. All bidding for vacant positions on the schedule are filled based on longevity. Currently our 12 hour schedules allow employees to get every other weekend off.

Schedule DescriptionAverage Weekly
Hours Worked
24 hour shift56 hours1 on, 2 off
12 hour shift42 hoursWk1 = 3 on, 4 off
Wk2 = 4 on, 3 off
11 hour shift *44 hours4 on, 3 off
9 hour shift *45 hours5 on, 2 off

* Texarkana Division only


LifeNet is committed to providing continuing education and training for our staff that address changes in our industry, new technologies, expectations of the Medical Directors, QI initiatives, etc. Most employees appreciate these needs and they also have a fundamental desire – to obtain all the hours necessary to recertify.

Perhaps the most serious investment that LifeNet makes towards its employee’s education is the tuition reimbursement program which can reimburse you up to 100% of the costs of approved college education expenses.


At LifeNet, it is our goal to provide you with the latest equipment to make your job safer and easier. In order for you to have the room needed to care for your patients, our ambulance fleet consists of Type 1 and Type 3 units. To keep your back from being injured, each unit is equipped with Stryker Power Assist cots and oxygen caddies are available at each post to assist in swapping out oxygen.


Review a list of Benefits below.

Salary Ranges

LifeNet is proud to be a not-for-profit (NFP) corporation. As a NFP, we pay our staff the most we possibly can without having to charge high rates to our customers and without having to pay a dividend to any owners or shareholders. This allows LifeNet to offer a very competitive wage.

An employee’s experience is reflected in their base annual salary.  Annual salaries are adjusted based on the applicants experience on a ratio of approximately 3% for every year, up to five years, worked as EMT or paramedic for a comparable ambulance provider.

In some cases, based on the applicant, we may offer you a similar wage. Call our HR office at 903-832-8531 for full details or to get a personalized quote.


This document does not contain a complete list of all benefits. Please contact the Human Resource Department for complete enrollment materials & policy certificates that will provide further details on available benefits.

On the first of the month following 60 consecutive days of full-time employment with LifeNet, an employee becomes eligible to participate in a broad range of comprehensive benefits. Participation is mandatory in non-contributory insurance coverages (those paid 100% by LifeNet). Participation is voluntary in contributory coverages (those paid in part or full by the employee).

Listed below are brief descriptions of the various benefits available to full-time LifeNet employees. For complete details on company benefits, please contact the Human Resource Department.

Group Term Life Insurance equal to 2X an employee’s annual salary and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance equal to 2X an employee’s annual salary is provided at no cost to the employee. These insurance coverages are only available for the employee, not family members.

Group Term Life Insurance covering an employee’s eligible dependents is provided at no cost to the employee in the following amounts: Spouse Amount = $10,000, Child(ren) Amount(s) = $ 5,000

STD Insurance is provided at no cost to the employee. It will pay up to 70% of an employee’s pre-disability earnings beginning on the 8th day of disability due to accidental injury, illness, or pregnancy. STD benefits are payable for a maximum of 25 weeks.

LTD Insurance is provided at no cost to the employee & is designed to begin when STD benefits have been exhausted. After an employee has been disabled due to accidental injury, illness, or pregnancy for 6 months, LTD coverage will pay up to 60% of the pre-disability earnings. LTD benefits may continue until an employee reaches age 65.

An employee may purchase major medical insurance for him/herself & eligible dependents that provides broad comprehensive benefits for medical expenses resulting from illness, injury, or pregnancy. A $30 co-pay covers office visits to PPO providers – $60.00 co-pay for Specialist office visits to PPO provider, wellness/preventive care services are covered 100%, & a co-pay prescription drug card is provided. LifeNet pays approximately 90% of the premium for the employee’s coverage & approximately 50% of the premium for an employee’s eligible dependent(s) coverage.

An employee may purchase dental insurance coverage for him/herself & eligible dependents. The dental plan provides broad comprehensive coverages for dental expenses, including 100% for preventive care & 50% for orthodontia charges for children under age 19. LifeNet pays approximately 90% of the premium for the employee’s coverage & approximately 50% of the premium for an employee’s eligible dependent(s) coverage.

An employee may purchase vision insurance coverage for him/herself & his/her dependent(s).

An employee may purchase additional Group Term Life coverage for him/herself & his/her dependent(s) during our open enrollment.

An employee may purchase additional Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance for him/herself and any dependents.

You may choose to redirect a portion of your salary on a pretax basis into either one or both of the following spending accounts:

The money placed into this account may be used to cover allowable unreimbursed medical expenses (including dental & vision expenses). The amount redirected into this account is limited to $2500.  At the end of the plan year, if your medical expenses are below the amount that you elected, you can carryover up to $500.00 to use during the next year.

The money placed into this account may be used to cover the cost of childcare expenses for dependents. The amount redirected into this account is limited to $2500 or $5000 per year maximum, depending upon dependents.

All full-time employees are provided PTO to use for vacation time or sick days that may be accessed following the completion of the 90 day evaluation period. It may also be sold back to the company for additional wages on a paycheck. PTO is accrued based on the employee’s length of service and shift assignment, according to the following schedule.

PTO Per Year (In Hours)

Years Of Service0-3 Years4-5 Years6-10 Years11-15 Years16-20 Years> 20 Years
Shift Assigned

It is the policy of LifeNet to provide educational assistance in the form of tuition reimbursement to all interested employees once they have completed 6 months of full-time employment. Eligible employees must submit a degree plan to the HR Department prior to enrolling in classes at an accredited educational institution. Employees who leave the company voluntarily or are terminated within one year from the date of reimbursement must repay LifeNet in full. Reimbursement for eligible educational assistance will normally be based upon the grade received for the course, as follows: For an “A”, 100% of reimbursable costs. For a “B”, 75% of reimbursable costs. For a “C”, 50% of reimbursable costs.rovider.

LifeNet’s EAP offers employees and eligible dependents access to care and help to resolve personal problems, both on the job and off, that may be affecting your work and home life. Services can be provided either telephonically or face-to-face. This program is strictly confidential.  Human Resources can provide EAP information to employees.

The HR Dept. will also, to the degree that its resources permit, provide counseling & reference information for employees seeking guidance on education & career planning, relocation, outplacement, & retirement planning. Employees are encouraged to participate in LifeNet’s Section 125 Plans, which allow an employee to pay most contributory insurance costs with pre-tax dollars.